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WE-CARE stands for

WE-CARE is a platform created by the EBAA in co-operation with the European Corporate Flight Attendant Committee (ECFAC). Our aim is to offer the EBAA Operator Members a place where to find pre-selected, professional, trained and experienced Corporate/VIP Cabin Attendants, whether it is on short notice for a specific flight, for a temporary replacement or for a scheduled long-term mission.

As a BizAv Operator, you will be able to post a mission opportunity on this website and/or to search our database to select and contact the most appropriate Corporate/VIP Cabin Attendant for the flight(s) you plan to operate, in accordance with their availability, their location, the languages spoken and more... This service is offered free of charge to our EBAA Operator Members.

As a Corporate/VIP Cabin Attendant, you will be able to post your CV, your pictures, your availabilities and more relevant details to complete your profile. Each time you will log-in, your profile will automatically rise to the top of the list. When Operators will contact you through the website, WE-CARE will send you an e-mail, but also a text message to inform you in real time on your cell phone. It will then be up to you to accept or decline the mission and contact the Operator. Although profiles will be subject to approval from the Committee, this service is also offered free of charge to the Cabin Attendants.

Within the frame of this project, the EBAA staff will also assist the Corporate/VIP Cabin Attendants in the best way they can in order to provide excellent service (a.o. through the Annual European Cabin Service Conference and the support of the ECFAC).

Please note that EBAA and ECFAC will not get involved in the process between Operators and Cabin Attendants and will not favour any party.

The Cabin Attendant profiles on this site are advertised as a service offered to the EBAA Operators Members.

The EBAA and the ECFAC base their selection of the Cabin Attendants on their skills, their training and their experience, in accordance with the documents provided to the WE-CARE Team. However, we strongly recommend that Employers verify the Cabin Attendants training and certifications prior to hiring them.


Criteria needed for a Cabin Attendant be considered to be enrolled in the WE-CARE database:

  • Experience in Private/Corporate Aviation;
  • an up-to-date CV / Resume;
  • a Covering Letter;
  • a current Safety Training Certificate: not less than 2 years old;
  • Educational Certificates;
    (all of which should be consolidated in one single PDF document, to be uploaded with your profile)
  • 2 photographs:
    • 1 head and shoulders (to upload as profile picture / avatar);
    • 1 full length (to be uploaded as additional picture in the gallery).

If for any reason you are unable --or do not wish-- to upload some of the documents in one single PDF, we invite you to send them by e-mail to we-care@ebaa.org.


Selection Process

Once all details have been verified and checked by the F/A Selection Committee of the ECFAC, the Cabin Attendant's profile will be validated and (s)he will gain access to the WE-CARE website. Please allow a couple of days for approval to be confirmed, since the members of the F/A Selection Committee might be on active duty.

For more information concerning the F/A Selection Committee, please refer to the list of the Members of the ECFAC.


Useful information concerning the Cabin Crew and the various requirements to obtain the EASA Cabin Crew Attestation can be found on the website of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). To access the page with the FAQ, please click on this link.


Should you have any question concerning this website or the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cabin Attendants

Please note that although this service is offered free of charge, your entire profile will be reviewed by experienced Corporate Flight Attendants, members of the ECFAC. The case occurring, we might revert to you to request more detailed information prior to publishing your profile.


For your safety and security, we made sure your cell phone number and e-mail address would not be available to any user of the website. It will only be used by the system to send you text messages when an Operator wishes to contact you as well as by the Flight Attendants Selection Team of the ECFAC. We also recommend that you avoid mentioning this sensitive information in your CV or elsewhere on the website. For the same reason, your home address should not be mentioned either!


When you will react to a Job offer, your CV/Resume in PDF will automatically be attached to the message you send to the Operator.


When an Operator will contact you, you will receive an e-mail (to the e-mail address that you provided in your profile) and a copy of this e-mail will be saved in your mailbox on the WE-CARE website. In addition, you will also receive a text message on your mobile (this service is free of charge!).

Therefore, it is important to make sure you will enter your mobile phone number in your profile in accordance with the International Standards, without any special signs ( / - . etc) nor spaces, as specified in the application form.


  • ++12345678900 instead of +1-(234)-567-8900 (USA)
  • ++32475168900 instead of 0032 (0)475 / 16.89.00 (Belgium)
  • ++447789123456 instead of 0044 07789 123456 (United Kingdom)
  • etc...



If your Company already is a Member of the EBAA, please mention your EBAA ID number when completing your profile. This information is optional but it will speed up the process.


Although (cell) phone numbers and e-mail addresses are not visible on the website, your coordinates will always be included in the messages you will send through the website to a Cabin Attendant. When you will post a Job offer, only your Company name, your name and your e-mail address will be visible, as well as the description of the offer, as provided by you.


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