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European Corporate Flight Attendant Committee

ECFAC's Mission Statement

The ECFAC is dedicated to adding value to the Business Aviation Industry by supporting and ensuring the highest quality level of the Flight Attendants (F/A’s), Cabin Crew Members (CCM’s) and Flight Technicians (FT’s) hereby collectively designated as “Cabin Attendants” who operate in the Business Aviation environment. Its aim is to improve the awareness of the numerous benefits their presence on board offers to the Operators.

Cabin Attendants positively reflect their Company’s image with complete discretion and confidentiality. Cabin Attendants also provide:

  • Passenger and crew safety;
  • Flight operation security;
  • Cabin service including safe food storage and handling;
  • Crew communications and liaison;
  • Passenger and crew emergency first aid;
  • Inventory control;
  • Protection of the cabin interior and furnishings;
  • Customs, Immigration and Border Control interface.

The ECFAC works to improve the Industry and public perception of the Cabin Attendant by increasing the understanding of the Flight Attendants / Cabin Crew Members / Flight Technicians as valued Crew Members.

While we do not suggest that Flight Attendants should always be carried on small aircraft, it is important that cabin duties, whether performed by pilots, engineers, or dedicated Flight Attendants, are conducted to best practice, for the benefit of both the Passenger and the Operator.

The aim of this website is to offer the EBAA Operator Members the opportunity to easily find professional, trained and experienced Corporate/VIP Cabin Attendants whenever they need them. Within the frame of this project, the EBAA staff, in co-operation with the ECFAC, will also assist the Corporate/VIP Cabin Attendants in the best way they can in order to provide excellent service (a.o. through the Annual “EUROPEAN CABIN SERVICE CONFERENCE”).

The role of the “ECSC” is to inform and educate the Cabin Attendants and develop their awareness of the safety matters, the high-end cabin service as well as the latest products and services available in the industry.

Download the ECFAC Guidelines.



The Committee is currently formed of 11 volunteer members, among which 2 employees from the EBAA. Each member is responsible for a different aspect within the Business Aviation environment; this results in a successful annual ECS Conference and continually improves the Industry standards.

Vivien Parcinski (F/A)

Matthew Delamere

Members of the Committee
Anne Chuard (Past Chair)
Bianca Dorneanu - (EBAA Cabin Service Conference Logistics)
Patricia Green (F/A)
Paula Kraft
Deborah Corinne Kuta (F/A)
Darrion Landers
Monique Lepore Ansermot (former F/A)
Christine Mairesse - (former F/A, EBAA Liaison and "WE-CARE" website)
Nikola Veselova (F/A)


A short presentation of the new Committee will be available soon.

We have created various subdivisions of our Committee:

We will develop and inform Caterers of the latest rules, regulations and best practices.

To deliver regular updates via social media ensuring Caterers and Cabin Attendants are fully informed of the latest news and trends.

To educate, share and deliver information.

To find suitable Sponsors who will provide training to candidates who have applied for the scholarship.

To welcome new Attendees and find Sponsors for the Conference.

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